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4130 steel vs reynolds 853

4130 steel vs reynolds 853

4130 steel vs reynolds 853 Related Products

  • 853 Is it really better? Singletrack Magazine Forum

    in metallurgical termsa lot. 520 is "just" standard cro mo – 4130 I think. See Reynolds and On One (under the materials bit) 853 does seem fairly impervious to rust though – bare patches on

  • Steel tubing for Cycle tourists, Reynolds 531, 520, 853

    If you look at a piece of cheap steel tubing you will see the join as a different coloured line running down the tube. For example the old Reynolds 531 and all better tubes from Reynolds are seamless as is their Cr Mo 520 and 525 (identical except 520 is license built in the Far East) so not all 4130 Cr Mo is equal.

  • Reynolds 831, 725, 631, 531 What’s the difference

    And the legendary ride of steel. ium Reynolds 6Al 4V. frame made from 853 vs a cr mo frame unless you know the tube dimension details. Dawes tourers only had some 853 tubes and the

  • Chromoly vs. Reynolds 853 steel SS frames Page 2 Fixie

    Nov 29, 2012 · Page 2 of 5 Chromoly vs. Reynolds 853 steel SS frames posted in Fixie & SinglespeedEldron consults the dark corners of his brain that have been dormant since his metallurgy studies ended in 1996853 is a heat treatable version of 4130 (qite similar in chemistry) 853 is air hardened if I recall correctly. As the others pointed out it means thinner walls for the same strength

  • The Paceline Forum 631 vs 853

    The material is exactly the same, 4130 steel. The 725 is heat treated to somewhat over "half hard" while the 525 is only slightly above normalized. They are exactly the same in stiffness and weight assuming the same gauge. The difference is yield strength (how much

  • Frame Materials and What to Buy BikeRoar

    May 16, 2013 · I owned and rode a Reynolds frame (Rocky Mountain Blizzard) for many years and loved it. Their 'air hardened' Reynolds 853, (as on the Blizzard), and the supreme Reynolds 953 are as light as the best aluminium, strong as steel, corrosion resistant and have the wonderful ride characteristics inherent in chromoly frames. The downside is they can

  • Chromoly Vs Steel Frame Amtframe.co

    Dec 22, 2019 · Steel Vs Aluminum Bike Frames Mission Bicycle Chromoly Vs Hi Tensile Steel Bmx You Bike Frame Materials Explained Rei Expert Advice Aluminum Frame Chromoly Vs What Makes A Chromoly Bike Better The Blog By Detroit Bikes Steel Vs Aluminum Bike Frames Mission Bicycle

  • Cycle Tubing & Tube Sets Reynolds Technology

    The benefits of air hardening steels are particularly noticeable in the weld area of Reynolds 853, where, unlike conventional steel alloys, strength can actually increase after cooling in air immediately after welding. 853 is heat treated to give high strength and damage resistance, and the steel properties allow thin walls to be used, so that lower weight but fatigue resistant structures can

  • Bike Forums View Single Post 4130 CroMo vs. Reynolds

    Oct 31, 2017 · You can have two 4130 generic steel frames of the same geometry that weigh a lot different due to the butting. If one is 1.01/.84/1.01 and the other is .8/.5/.8 then they will weigh different amounts. From what ive read on Surly's site and from official site

  • Hi ten steel vs chro moly BMXmuseum Forums

    Jul 15, 2010 · These include Reyolds 453 (a single butted tube made of a manganese titanium alloy), Reynolds 501, 520, 525 and 725 tubes (using 4130 chromoly steel), Reynolds 753 (high end tubes made of a manganese molybdenum alloy, essentially a better Reynolds 531), Reynolds 853 (4130 chromoly made stiffer by air hardening) and Reynolds 953 (a lightweight

  • Reynolds Technology

    Reynolds has over the years developed a number of steel alloys, most notably Reynolds 531, which has a high strength and can be made into strong, but lightweight tubes for bicycle frames.Before the introduction of more exotic materials such as aluminium, titanium or composites, Reynolds was considered the dominant maker of high end materials for bicycle frames, with 27 winners of the Tour

  • "Steel yourself" a guide to the most popular metal for

    "Steel yourself" a guide to the most popular metal for bike frames Lets look at the strongest steel cycle tube in the world, Reynolds 853. This tubing is made of a complex Chrome Moly alloy. The tube is cold drawn, i.e. forced though a die at quite staggering pressure, then though rollers to give the final tube size and wall thickness.

  • REYNOLDS 853 STEEL Niner Bikes

    Why is Niner building Reynolds 853 steel bikes? Sometimes we ask ourselves the same question. But all we have to do, is take one for a short spin and we’re quickly reminded that there’s truth to the saying, “Steel is Real!” Steel is like the O.G. material of bicycles.

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